What does “BMI” Mean?

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a formula that is supposed to provide a better overall health indicator than weight alone. In other words, people of different sizes should way different amounts. The BMI formula addresses this.

Further, there are charts — based on population averages — that report on whether or not a person is overweight or, perhaps even, obese.

The WildFit stance on the BMI system is that it is, like weight in general terms, a useful indicator but not an accurate diagnostic took. People with high muscle mass, for instance, might indicate as overweight or obese even when they are not.

The Mayo Clinic has an easy-to-user BMI Calculator that you can use in both imperial and metric measurements. Simply click here and fill in the boxes.


The Evolution of Fitness

The fitness world is evolving. The more we learn about human history and our own evolution, the more it makes sense for the fitness industry to pay attention and keep up.

For most of human history, being fit was once a necessity for survival – nature is not very forgiving. If you were unable to move well enough to hunt, gather, travel and collect water, you didn’t survive.

Now that we don’t have to walk, run, dig and climb to feed ourselves and our families, our bodies are starting Read more


We Love Sugar. And Sugar Loves Us. Part 1 of 2

Lets take a walk; through time.

Imagine that you and I, and a few of our closest hominid friends are out for a walk in the paleolithic savannah. We see a bush ahead and something in it makes our hearts skip half a beat — ripe read ʻberriesʼ that will, a few hundred thousand years from now, be called sour plums. Why the skipped beat? For the last few days we have walked past these same bushes only to see greenish yellow fruits that make our stomachs hurt when we try to eat them — the bright red color they show today tells us they are ready to eat and, perhaps more importantly, yummy.

When you first pop a sour plum in your mouth it has Read more


Welcome to WildFit

WildFit is a new training methodology — a methodology that draws its inspiration from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology.

Humans evolved in a process that took millions of years and took place almost entirely in nature. Today, the modern lifestyle and diet is causing a wide variety of diseases, weight problems and, sadly, massively reduced Read more